Reading ClassPath file in Spring Boot/Core Example

This below program reads the status.txt file from the classpath, that is src/main/resources in the maven projects using classpathloader in spring core/spring boot projects. Classpathloader converts it to inputstream, from inputstream we can convert to bufferedinputstream and read the file contents easily. File Structure: Here we have status.txt file inside the resources folder, and we have only the value 100

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Reversing a string using Stack Implementation

In our previous post, we saw how to create a custom stack implementation in java.¬†Today we are going to extend the same implementation to perform additional operations like reversing, checking empty or full etc. Approach 1: [Simple & Best Approach]   We have used the same Stack class from this post [Java Stack Implementation Simple Example]¬†with small modification like array

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Angular 4 CLI + Angular Universal Setup Steps

Angular 4 CLI + Angular Universal Setup Steps: Angular universal is superb component for angular projects for server side rendering, which really resolves SEO related issues to the great extend. But setting up a angular universal will become little complex if you try after developing your complete applications. Because some of the component you used in your angular 4 project

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Picking Best UI Framework for Angular 4 Projects

Picking Best UI Framework for Angular 4 Projects: I have been spending more than 2 weeks on picking best UI framework for my new angular 4 project. Unfortunately no straight forward conclusion. But I am sharing my complete analysis on this to help you guys for better UI pick for your angular 4 projects. Criteria to pick/select Best UI framework

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