Alexa website rank script using PHP, jQuery, Bootstrap and Ajax

alexa website rank script using php, jquery & ajax

Alexa website rank script using PHP, jQuery, Bootstrap and Ajax:

Alexa is a very popular and trusted site to give the rank for all the websites.… Read more.....

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Responsive data table using dataTables.js

Responsive data table using dataTables.js:

We can not see a single web application without a data table. Data table is used somewhere in all the applications to store transactions, user informations, product informations etc.,


Nowadays only data table is not enough to fulfill all user needs, so datatables.js came up with sorting, searching, pagination and responsive to support all kind of devices.… Read more.....

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Dynamic Content rendering on radio selection

dynamic content rendering on radio selection

Dynamic Content rendering on radio selection

Almost 82% of the sites are dynamic now. Static websites are started changing/converting to dynamic websites for easy maintenance and better user interactivity.… Read more.....

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Creating a SVN Repository using TortoiseSVN step by step explained

svn repository using tortoisesvn

SVN Repository:

Subversion is the abbreviation of SVN. We can not see a single project/team without a repository. Crowdsourced projects are maintaining their codebase/repository in cloud repositories like GitHub to track the source code changes.… Read more.....

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Rust Programming Language Tutorials and Example

Rust featured image


Rust is an expression-based programming language developed by Mozilla.

Why one more programming language ?

When mozilla planned for rust browser, it tried to use the C++ but eventhough C++ is historically been a great language, if you put a security in front, then we can not proceed with C++.… Read more.....

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Facebook Infer: Finding bugs before it goes live

facebook infer

facebook infer static analyzer:

Today facebook released an open-sourcing development tool named facebook infer static analyzer to identify the bugs before you ship.… Read more.....

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Grid Style Sheets Conditional if/else Styles Example



Grid Style Sheet, it is a modernized implementation of CCSS [Constraint CSS (CCSS)]. Today we are going to see how we can implement the conditional if/else statements inside the grid style sheet.… Read more.....

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Releasing Reseller Recharge Script 1.0

RRS 1.0 Release
Releasing Reseller Recharge Script 1.0:

We have got an ultimate response for our Online Recharge Script 2.0 and many of our users are asked for the reseller recharge script.… Read more.....

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curl post php example with json response


CURL is basically to hit the url through GET/POST request and to receive the response. Response can be anything. [JSON/XML/plain string]


When I was searching for the sample curl post php example program in internet, I could not find the proper executing programs.… Read more.....

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