Selection Sort Implementation in Java Example

Selection Sort Implementation in Java Example:   Psudeocode for selection sort: Take an array with N elements (say new long[]{3,3009, 76,172,271,2}) Outer for loop to iterate all the elements in the array. (index starts from 0) Create a currentMinimum variable with index value(initially 0) Create a nested for loop to iterate from innerIndex(index+1) (because till index it is already sorted,

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Understanding angular 4/5 flow

Understanding angular 4/5 flow: In highlevel this is the flow, Main.ts > AppModule > App.component, it serves the content available in the Template file. I request you to run first angular cli project from this link, How to install Angular-CLI in Windows 7 ? Running First Angular-CLI Project in 2 Minutes then read below to understand how angular / angular

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Understanding Nullable Types in Typescript with examples

Understanding Nullable Types in Typescript with examples: Nullable type is introduced in typescript 2.0, this helps us to keep initialized objects to have some values other than null all the time.   Default number | Assigning null: For eg: let home2OfficeKm = 10; home2OfficeKm = null;     Works fine in typescript 2.0 earlier versions, if you do not want

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Typescript Hello world in local system Example

Step 1: Install Typescript in Your Local Machine Install typescript in your local machine to compile and test typescript. Instructions / steps to install typescript can be found in the below link We need typescript in local,because typescript is not like javascript which can directly run on the browser. It has to be converted to javascript before running in any

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Reading ClassPath file in Spring Boot/Core Example

This below program reads the status.txt file from the classpath, that is src/main/resources in the maven projects using classpathloader in spring core/spring boot projects. Classpathloader converts it to inputstream, from inputstream we can convert to bufferedinputstream and read the file contents easily. File Structure: Here we have status.txt file inside the resources folder, and we have only the value 100

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