Creating a SVN Repository using TortoiseSVN step by step explained

svn repository using tortoisesvn

SVN Repository:

Subversion is the abbreviation of SVN. We can not see a single project/team without a repository. Crowdsourced projects are maintaining their codebase/repository in cloud repositories like GitHub to track the source code changes.… Read more.....

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Rust Programming Language Tutorials and Example

Rust featured image


Rust is an expression-based programming language developed by Mozilla.

Why one more programming language ?

When mozilla planned for rust browser, it tried to use the C++ but eventhough C++ is historically been a great language, if you put a security in front, then we can not proceed with C++.… Read more.....

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Facebook Infer: Finding bugs before it goes live

facebook infer

facebook infer static analyzer:

Today facebook released an open-sourcing development tool named facebook infer static analyzer to identify the bugs before you ship.… Read more.....

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Grid Style Sheets Conditional if/else Styles Example



Grid Style Sheet, it is a modernized implementation of CCSS [Constraint CSS (CCSS)]. Today we are going to see how we can implement the conditional if/else statements inside the grid style sheet.… Read more.....

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Releasing Reseller Recharge Script 1.0

RRS 1.0 Release
Releasing Reseller Recharge Script 1.0:

We have got an ultimate response for our Online Recharge Script 2.0 and many of our users are asked for the reseller recharge script.… Read more.....

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curl post php example with json response


CURL is basically to hit the url through GET/POST request and to receive the response. Response can be anything. [JSON/XML/plain string]


When I was searching for the sample curl post php example program in internet, I could not find the proper executing programs.… Read more.....

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PNR Status Script using PHP, jQuery and Ajax

PNR Status script featured image

PNR Status Script:

Are you planning to develop any PNR alert, status website or any mobile apps ? (or) planning to integrate the PNR status script to your existing website.… Read more.....

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Google ReCaptcha: Easy on Humans, Hard on Bots


Google ReCaptcha: Easy on Humans, Hard on Bots

Recently google introduced a new recaptcha to verify whether your website user is human or robot.… Read more.....

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