select with timestamp or date in oracle

select with timestamp or date in oracle: If you want to select the date field or timestamp field with the given date, then you have to use the query like this, select * from TABLE_NAME where TO_CHAR(TIMESTAMP_OR_DATE_COLUMN,’DD-MM-YYYY’) =’25-02-2014′; Eg: select * from POST_SITE where TO_CHAR(POST_TMS,’DD-MM-YYYY’) =’25-02-2014′; here POST_SITE is the name of the table and POST_TMS is the name of

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Compare two columns in Excel and delete duplicates

Consider you have two column namely, All students and passed students. Now you need to write the students status and failed students list from the available all students list and passed students list. All Students Passed Students AAA GGG BBB EEE CCC AAA DDD HHH EEE CCC FFF GGG HHH In the above pass/fail added using this formula, =IF(ISERROR(MATCH(A3,$B$3:$B$7,0)),”FAILED”,”PASSED”) and

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Compare two xml in Unix

Comparing xml’s is very easy one in unix using the simple diff command. Diff command: Diff command used to compare the differences of two files. Files may be any extension like xml or txt. Syntax: diff file1 file2 Eg: diff 1.xml 2.xml —– compare this two xml and prints if any difference diff 1.xml 2.xml > compare.txt —– compare this

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XML in PHP Example

Nowadays all the information’s are communicated as JSON or XML. We have already seen how to write the JSON file. Now we will see how to write the XML file, <?php $xom = xmlwriter_open_memory(); $place = ‘Arcot’; $pincode = ‘632503’; xmlwriter_start_document($xom,’1.0′,’UTF-8′); xmlwriter_start_dtd($xom,’html’,’-//WAPFORUM//DTD XHTML Mobile 1.0//EN’, ‘’); xmlwriter_end_dtd($xom); xmlwriter_start_element($xom,’Area’); xmlwriter_write_element ($xom,’Place’, $place); xmlwriter_write_element ($xom,’Pincode’, $pincode); xmlwriter_end_element($xom); xmlwriter_end_dtd($xom); $xml = xmlwriter_output_memory($xom,true); echo

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