List Iteration using Lambda Expression in Java 8

Lambda Expression: Lambda expressions are introduced in Java 8 and I feel its a great feature. Here we are going to see how to iterate the array list using Lambda expression.   List Iteration using Lambda Expression: import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.List; import java.util.Arrays; public class LambdaIteration{ public static void main(String[] args){ List<String> progLangLst = new ArrayList<String>(); progLangLst.add("C"); progLangLst.add("C++"); progLangLst.add("Java"); progLangLst.add("PHP"); […]

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Detecting Phone shake using jQuery ios-shake.js

Detect phone shake using jQuery

Detecting Phone shake using jQuery ios-shake.js: We all are having smart phones and checking all the details/shoppings/study everything with mobile only. So all the companies are changing and concentrating more on mobile view/mobile apps than web developments. Even we are already having many mobile apps to change the songs based on the mobile shake. Today we are going to see […]

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JSON in Servlet with Ajax call

JSON in Servlet with AJAX call

JSON in Servlet with Ajax call: JSON is a amazing alternate for XML to pass/transfer the informations. It is required to know how to handle JSON in servlet. In servlet it can be handled like this, request.setCharacterEncoding("utf8"); response.setContentType("application/json"); // json is the JSON object. response.getWriter().print(json); But if you want to call your servlet through ajax, then we should handle the […]

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Android Toast Example

Android Toast Example: Android toast can be used to display the internet connectivity status and application exit status. It can be used to make the more interaction to the application. Android toast example given below to help you in android programming!.             Toast.makeText(): Toast.makeText method used to display the toast. we need to pass the […]

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