Subscribe to Download in WordPress using Feedburner

subscribe & download feedburner

Subscribe to Download in WordPress using Feedburner: When you want to become a good blogger or want to make your blog more reachable then having subscription is very important to keep your regular and new readers updated about your valuable post/content. Just keeping subscription form in sidebar/footer/popup may not give you good subscription numbers, so when you have something for

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Hashing in Java detailed explanation

hashing in java example

Hashing in Java: What is hashing ? Hashing is a principle/algorithm to generate the unique code(hash code) to store the objects/keys. Hashmap in Java uses hashing principle only to generate the hash code which helps to store and retrieve the keys and objects. What is hashcode ? Hash code is an unique code generated by the hashing principle with some

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Best Blogging editor for ubuntu

best desktop blogging software featured image

3 Best blogging editor for ubuntu/linux:   Writing a blog in the dashboard all the time is very ineffective, since repeating the process to login/new post then writting etc. so it is always recommended to keep some desktop blogging editor installed to write the draft contents. Once the full content ready then either you can directly publish from the desktop

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Auto populate one dropdown based on other dropdown value change in Angular JS

Angularjs dropdown auto population by changing other dropdown example

Auto populate one dropdown value based on other dropdown value change in Angular JS:   As we know Angular JS is a two way data binding, mapping the $scope variable in the html/view file will map and bind the updated value which we are assigning/updating in the controller.   I recommend you to study Angular JS Hello world for dummies

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