Difference between session and sessionfactory hibernate?

Difference between session and sessionfactory hibernate? Basically session will be created from the sessionfactory instances. I have listed down the few differences between the session and sessionfactory in hibernate. Sessionfactory: It is one instance per datasource/database. It is thread safe. It is a heavy weight object, because it maintains datasources, mappings, hibernate configuration information’s etc. Sessionfactory will create and manage […]

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18 Important Javascript Interview Questions

Javascript Interview Questions:     1.¬†Difference between == and === ? == compares only the value. === compares the value along the data type or type of the variable. Eg: 1 == “1” => true;because both has the value 1. 1 === “1” => false;because one is integer and other one is string. So even though it has the same […]

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8 Performance Tuning Tips in Java

8 Performance Tuning Tips in Java: Before start doing performance tuning/optimizations, first use any profiler to identify the areas for optimizations using profilers   Few Java Profilers: yourkit jProfiler Java Flight Recorder Eclipse Test & Performance Tools Platform Project   1. Use available data structures or algorithms: If you want to convert list to set or vice versa, instead of […]

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