How to use Set in Hibernate Example ?

How to use Set in Hibernate Example ?   Set is a collection which stores only unique values, if you like to store the duplicates then you can go with List. As we know creating a session factory is the mandatory basic one for any hibernate, creating a hibernate session factory now, package in.javadomain; import org.hibernate.HibernateException; import org.hibernate.SessionFactory; import org.hibernate.boot.registry.StandardServiceRegistryBuilder;

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[Solved] target runtime was.base7 is not defined:

target runtime was.base7 is not defined: Rootcause: This issue will occur if you upload any new project to the workspace and the uploaded project requires some runtime environment which is not found. Fix: Right click on the project -> Properties -> Target Runtime -> Select the correct web sphere runtime version in the right side panel and click apply and

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7 Awesome Tips to Improve your site SEO:


7 Awesome Tips to Improve your site SEO:   1. Be social from day one: Whatever the website/blog you have, making it social from day one really make your content and social viral. This is a key point to bring the new users/existing users repeatedly to your blog/site. Since many of them social maximum times 😉 If you have already

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25 tips to use google effectively

How to use google effectively ? Google, one of the most trusted tech company in the world. But it’s base starts with search functionality. As per the recent analytics around 5k searches happens every second in google. But many of us don’t know how to use google effectively. Here is the top and consolidated google tips for effective searches using google.

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How to find the online shopping coupons easily

coupons and deals are the best ways to save extra money while doing online shopping’s. Nowadays all the online shopping sites are more interested and started sharing the coupons/deals to get the new visitors to their eCommerce sites. They are basically helps to save the user more and give them a chance to try their site first time with some

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Customizing post created date in wordpress

We would have been bored by seeing the default post created date style in wordpress themes. Of course many themes came with ultimate post created and last updated date styling options. But when you have a paid/customized theme then you can not switch to other or new themes often just to customize post created or last updated date in wordpress.

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Maintain your notes online with google keep

Maintain your notes online with google keep: We used to write our notes and thoughts in sticky notes, notepads, few people in gmails/outlook mails. Maintaining the notes and thoughts online is the best way to get across from anywhere. But if you are maintaining in gmail/outlooks still you need to open, search to find or add new notes. Google keep makes

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