Angular 4/5 Interview Questions Answers & Quiz

Angular 4 Interview Questions:

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Angular 4 Basics / Common Interview Questions:

1. What is Angular JS ?

Angular JS is a front end SPA (Single Page Application) framework, which provides more flexible way of developing the application with great fluid user experience.


2. Why we need Angular JS / React / Any front end JS frameworks ?

Because it is loosely couped with the backend, so any type of backend rest services can be called out from the angular services, where as the spring MVCs tightly coupled compare to angular js where view also should be in JSP/JSF/ any Java supported technologies.

As this is a great single page application framework, it provides awesome next generation user experience.

As angular js is a widely used for mobile end application developments, it beats other frameworks and stay front for many reasons including this.


3. What does Single page application really mean ?

Single page application is a quiet difficult term to understand with angular, it does not actually mean that only single page application can be developed using angular which all the new people/learners understands this term.

This actually mean that you will load your page only once and all the navigations will happen with in the same single page you have loaded at first time like in ajax to provide awesome experience.

In angular index.html is the only file served by server, that is the reason that it is called as single page application. All the other files (referred as components in angular) are served by angular.


4. What is the difference between angular and angular js ?

AngularJS refers version 1 of angular, this is the official angularjs (version 1) website. Remember angular 1 was actually developed using javascript.

Angular refers from version 2 to version 5(latest version at the time of writing this) and this is the official site of angular. This one is developed using typescript.


5. What is the difference between javascript and typescript ?
In highlevel difference between javascript and typescript is,

Javascript developed with ES5 standards and
Typescript developed with ES6 standards.

Please read this post to understand few other differences between javascript and typescript.


6. What is CLI / Angular CLI ?

Angular CLI is nothing but Angular command Line Interface, which provides the way to create and manage the angular application through command line interface only.

We need to have npm package manager installed to start working on angular command line interface.

Read here on how to install and run your first angular cli project,

How to install node js in windows 10 ?
How to install Angular-CLI in Windows 7 ?
Running First Angular-CLI Project in 2 Minutes

one another way is webpack, but I highly recommend you to start learning and working with angular cli for your angular cli projects. Because it is very easy and flexible, which also makes the development faster and better.


7. How angular works ?

In highlevel this is the flow,

Main.ts > AppModule > App.component, it serves the content available in the Template file.

I request you to run first angular cli project from this link,

Running First Angular-CLI Project in 2 Minutes

Please read here on angular flow/ how angular works in detail.



8. What is angular universal ?

Angular universal is package/platform which enables the angular sites more SEO friendly which basically serves all the contents from the server. Here we can actually see the complete source code of the page served rather than just seeing <app-root>.

But as per the google documents, google is improved to understand and provide better ranking to angular sites as well.


Angular 2/4/5 Quiz:


Angular Basics/Common Quiz


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