Compare two xml in Unix

Comparing xml’s is very easy one in unix using the simple diff command.

Diff command:
Diff command used to compare the differences of two files. Files may be any extension like xml or txt.

diff file1 file2

diff 1.xml 2.xml —– compare this two xml and prints if any difference
diff 1.xml 2.xml > compare.txt —– compare this two xml and difference will be written in compare.txt

Some more…

1) diff 1.xml 2.xml (Normal compare)

2) diff -iw 1.xml 2.xml (Ignores spaces while comparing)

3) diff -y –suppress-common-lines 1.xml 2.xml (Two column compare)

-y => output in two columns
–suppress-common-lines => do not output common lines

4) diff -y –side-by-side –suppress-common-lines 1.xml 2.xml (two column compare side by side)

5) diff -y –side-by-side 1.xml 2.xml (two column compare side by side but whole file will come, which includes common lines as well)

6) diff -y –side-by-side –suppress-common-lines 1.xml 2.xml > compare.txt (Recommended one for comparing two xml)

Add if you know any other command/solutions to compare two xml’s in the comment section….

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