How to install Redis on Windows ?

How to install Redis on Windows ?

Redis is an open source, high performance, key-value store. Values may contain strings, hashes, lists, sets and sorted sets. Redis has been developed primarily for UNIX-like operating systems.


Step 1: Download the Redis for windows

Download Redis for windows


Step 2: Extract and keep where ever you want



Step 3: Start redis server

Run redis-server command


How to install Redis on Windows ?




Step 4: Now open new cmd prompt to run as a client


Run redis-cli.exe



How to install Redis on Windows ?

Now the setup done successfully.

Lets check by setting and getting some key values in the client cmd prompt.

How to install Redis on Windows ?



  • Redis team is not officially supporting on windows.
  • MSOpenTech team provides the redis for windows, they are also actively supporting on windows 64, but still it can be used in windows 32.
  • Refer here for all the other redis commands.
  • I installed on windows 10 and it works fine.



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