How to install Redis on Windows ?

How to install Redis on Windows ? Redis is an open source, high performance, key-value store. Values may contain strings, hashes, lists, sets and sorted sets. Redis has been developed primarily for UNIX-like operating systems.   Step 1: Download the Redis for windows Download Redis for windows   Step 2: Extract and keep where ever you want     Step

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How to use Angular 2 Material in Angular 4/Angular-CLI

How to use Angular 2 Material in Angular 4/Angular-CLI: Angular material is a CSS framework like bootstrap for angular projects. As both are developed by google there will be more convenient in the integration part rather than other CSS frameworks like bootstrap/foundation etc. In order to use angular material in angular 4 you need to complete the below 5 steps process,

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[Resolved] Cannot find module ‘@angular/animations’

[Resolved] Cannot find module ‘@angular/animations’ When you are using angular material with angular 4 then you will come across this error “Cannot find module ‘@angular/animations’“. In angular 2 when you install angular material angular animations also will be installed and imported from core. but now in angular 4 angular animation is moved to a separate package and angular/core is deprecated.

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Difference between @Controller and @RestController

Difference between @Controller and @RestController: @Controller and @RestController is not having much difference, its just a matter of convenience to use @ResponseBody with @Controller. In simple way, we can understand like this: @RestController = @Controller + @ResponseBody     @Controller: @ResponseBody annotation should be used for RequestMapping methods to render any outputs like json/xml etc.   Code Sample: Here @ResponseBody

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Spring Boot Hello World Step by Step

Spring Boot Hello World Step by Step: Spring boot is a brand new framework provides opinionated approach for basic configurations and helping developers to directly dig into business logics. Just follow this tutorial, you will understand better after creating the first hello world spring boot application.   Prerequisite: Spring STS Eclipse Tool   Video Tutorial: Step 1: Create spring starter

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Spring Boot + Rest Controller Simple Demo

Spring boot is becoming familiar along with angular. spring boot can be used for standalone and batch projects. In Angular it is used for backend with rest controllers. So knowing how to use spring boot with rest controller will be very helpful for angular backend java developments. Prerequisite: Spring STS Tool If you dont have you can download and install

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