TxtWeb Hello World

Step 1:  Download the eclipse,  http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/ Step 2:  Add the google plugin for txtweb in eclipse Step 3:  New -> other -> Web application project, and paste the below code, package com.agn.meaning; //Package name for the app import java.io.IOException; import javax.servlet.http.*; @SuppressWarnings(“serial”) public class MeaningServlet extends HttpServlet { public void doGet(HttpServletRequest req, HttpServletResponse resp) throws IOException { resp.setContentType(“text/html”); // Remember […]

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Amazon Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a commission based money earning way. We have to recommend some books, products or things to our website users. If they buy that then we will get the commision. First we have to create a amazon affiliate account, Just create the account. They will give you affiliate account id and they will take 3 days to verify […]

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creating a website without coding

Step 1: First of all you have to buy domain name (www.javadomain.in, here javadomain.in is our domain name) and hosting (like space to store the javadomain.in contents) for your domain name. Where you can buy domain name and hosting?  you can buy from bigrock.in, godaddy.com, hostgater.com, hioxindia.com etc… choose them based on your requirements and price. Step 2: After you […]

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java.lang.VerifyError: Expecting a stackmap frame at branch target

Solution 1: Go to windows -> preferences, and go to Installed JRE’s and change the Default Vm arguments value as like follows, Default Vm Arguments: -XX:-UseSplitVerifier Now you will not get the error. Solution 2: Go to windows -> preferences -> Java -> Compiler and change it to jdk 1.6 now also you will not get the same error. you […]

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Installing Google Plugin in Eclipse

Installing Google Plugin in Eclipse: Google plugin can be helpful to work with appengine, android ADT’s and cloud deployments. Appengine is one of the best one to deploy Java J2EE web applications. Appengine gives daily free limits, so you can start using google appengine service to deploy J2EE web application either for learning or small start-ups or initiatives.   Step […]

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Failed to load JNI shared library

Eclipse error: Reason for the above error: Both eclipse and java bit may not be same. Eg:  eclipse (32bit) and java(64bit) or eclipse(64bit) and java(32bit). Solution: Match the eclipse bit(32bit) and java(32bit) or eclipse bit(64bit) and java(64bit). How to check whether eclipse is 32bit or 64bit ? Just go to eclipse configuration file and see the line below like this, […]

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array in php example

Program: array.php <?php $myarray=array(1,2,3,4, 5 => 11, 26 => 2,5, 11 => 10); print_r($myarray); ?>  Output:   Thanks for reading this post…………!!! 382 total views, no views today

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array_combine in php example

Program: array_combine.php <?php $arr_one=array(1,2,3); $arr_two=array(java,html,php); $array_combined=array_combine($arr_one,$arr_two); print_r($array_combined); ?>  Output: Thanks for reading this post…………!!! 360 total views, no views today

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array_count_values in php example

Program: array_count_values.php: <?php $array=array(5,”naveen”,11,“indian”,”naveen”,5,”naveen”,”naveen”); print_r(array_count_values($array)); ?>  Output:   Thanks for reading this post…………..!!! 405 total views, no views today

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Retrieving Hashmap value by comparing hashmap key

Program: Hashmap.java package com.javadomain.in; import java.util.HashMap; import java.util.Map.Entry; public class Hashmap { public static void main(String[] args) { String keyword="super"; HashMap<String, String> myMap = new HashMap<String, String>(); myMap.put("super", "java keyword"); myMap.put("array_merge", "php array function"); for (Entry<String, String> pair : myMap.entrySet()) { if(pair.getKey().equalsIgnoreCase(keyword)){ System.out.println(keyword+" is: " + pair.getValue()); } } } }   Output: super is: java keyword Thanks for reading […]

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