Multi select dropdown in Angular 4 Example

Multi select dropdown in Angular 4 Example:   Step 1: Install angular2 multiselect dropdown component npm install angular2-multiselect-dropdown   (or)   npm i –save angular2-multiselect-dropdown     Step 2: Import AngularMultiSelectModule ¬†into @NgModule   import { AngularMultiSelectModule } from ‘angular2-multiselect-dropdown/angular2-multiselect-dropdown’; @NgModule({ // … imports: [ AngularMultiSelectModule, ] // … })     Step 3: Import and use it in your

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Property binding angular 4 example

Property binding angular 4 example: What is property binding ? Binding html properties like disabled[disabled], class[ngClass] and style[ngStyle] dynamically with component values using angular. You can even create your own custom property using @Input. Syntax: [] Eg: [disabled]   Property binding Types: Element property Component property Directive property In our last tutorial we have seen about event binding and twoway

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Angular 4 Event Binding + Two Way Databinding Simple Example

Angular 4 Event Binding + Two Way Databinding Simple Example What is Event Binding ? Event Binding in angular adds an event handler which will be triggered on the added event action. For example: <button (click) = “addMe()”> Add Me </button>   Here (click) is a click event in angular binded to addMe() method, so when ever user clicks Add

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String Interpolation {{}} in Angular 4 – Must to know Things

String Interpolation {{}} in Angular 4 – Must to know Things: String interpolation is basically used to output the values from the typescript file to template file. Whenever you want to dynamically display the values through backends/http requests/from DB then you can make use of this string interpolation to directly output your contents to templates. But know the things mentioned

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Tools for Angular 4 Developments

As angular 4 becoming very popular, same time typescript and development text editors like atom and sublime is also becoming very popular.   Angular 4 Development Editors & Tools:   1. Microsoft Visual Studio Code It is free from microsoft. Visual Studio Download Link: Download Microsoft Visual Studio Code     2. Atom Atom is text editor from github team.

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How to use Angular 2 Material in Angular 4/Angular-CLI

How to use Angular 2 Material in Angular 4/Angular-CLI: Angular material is a CSS framework like bootstrap for angular projects. As both are developed by google there will be more convenient in the integration part rather than other CSS frameworks like bootstrap/foundation etc. In order to use angular material in angular 4 you need to complete the below 5 steps process,

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[Resolved] Cannot find module ‘@angular/animations’

[Resolved] Cannot find module ‘@angular/animations’ When you are using angular material with angular 4 then you will come across this error “Cannot find module ‘@angular/animations’“. In angular 2 when you install angular material angular animations also will be installed and imported from core. but now in angular 4 angular animation is moved to a separate package and angular/core is deprecated.

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